Farm Visits

We welcome farm visits, but do ask that you contact us in advance to make an appointment. We have little time to ourselves and cherish it, so appreciate your understanding to meet this request. We enjoy talking about what we do and would love to educate you about it!

We welcome families! We do ask that you tend to your children at all times. Our farm is a place to learn about animals and farm life. It is also our home, however, so we ask that you respect our rules. Our animals are very important to us and can be easily scared by loud noises/commotion. We do happily welcome children and encourage our farm as a learning environment, however we just want to be sure that everyone respects our land and all of the creatures living on it!

We also ask that you leave your pets at home. Once again, this is our home and we have a dog (and obviously many other animals) of our own who may not always mesh well with other pets. We empathize with the urge to let your animals run, but must ask that you respect this wish of ours for everyone’s safety and comfort.

You may visit either farm, one near Argyle and one near Darlington! However, please contact us to plan your trip before arriving so we can be prepared and ensure availability.