Grass-fed & Finished Beef

The benefits of 100% Grass-Fed and
Grass-Finished Beef –NO GRAIN —

Health. Grass-fed meats and dairy contain the proper ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, they’re lower in fat and calories than conventionally raised meats, and they’re higher in conjugated lineoleic acid (the cancer-fighting fat) and vitamins than conventionally raised meat products.

Environmental. The proper pasturing of animals promotes biodiversity, improves soil fertility and eliminates waste-management problems associated with confinement-feeding operations.

Animal and Human Welfare. Pasture-raised animals are allowed to roam on grass, eating what they’re naturally inclined to eat. They’re able to exercise, play and retreat into the shade during the heat of the day. They enjoy clean, spacious environments and they are less likely than confined animals to become ill or to contract an array of diseases.

In addition, farm workers on grass-based operations enjoy a healthier work environment than those who work on large-scale factory farms. They are less likely to suffer from respiratory problems resulting from the dust, ammonia and dangerously high levels of carbon dioxide so common in confinement facilities.

Culinary. Many of today’s best chefs are discovering the unique flavors and textures of grass-fed and pasture-raised meats and dairy products. Raised properly, animals raised on pasture mean tastier and higher-quality foods.

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