Hoop House Pork

We take great care to provide our hogs with the most healthy environment and diet possible. As a result, our pork has given us very loyal and happy customers- who proudly assert that they will never go back to store-bought pork again! In fact, some say they never knew pork was supposed to taste so good!  We raise a crossbreed from 2 old English Breeds (Yorkshire and Duroc) and find that they result in larger but leaner frames and have awesome mothering skills.  A normal litter of piglets is always between 7-12 per sow!!

We have pork available for purchase year-round, as well as at several of our Farmer’s Market locations.  We raise our hogs larger than commercial producers which we feel adds the great flavor and character in the meat.  We allow them pasture during the seasons and deep bedded hoophouses for shelter and comfort.   They always have access to our grain ration which is raised on farm and find lots of grasses, flowers, weeds and acorns/nuts in our woods.  Being a pig, means the ability to root wherever they go!


We offer many fresh sausages which contain no msg or nitrites or fillers or artificial flavorings – meat and spice – and you won’t be disappointed!!  We have been told by many that our bacon is the best!!  And even converted a few vegetarians after trying our chops! We sell by the cut, 20# and 40# boxes and halves and wholes.  Check out of price sheet for that information.

Ordering Pork

For more information about ordering pork, visit our Ordering Page.
Also, feel free to email us at any time with questions!