Jersey Dairy Cattle Trivia

On his final recording titled “Like the 309,” outlaw country star Johnny Cash sings, “Give a drink of wine/To my Jersey cow/I wouldn’t give a hoot-andnail/For my journey now.”

Brown Bessie, the famous champion butter cow of the Chicago World’s Fair dairy test, averaged over 40 pounds (18 kg) of milk a day for five months, and made 3 pounds (1.3 kg) of butter a day several times.

Elsie the Cow, the famous mascot of Borden, Inc.. Her face appears on cans of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk, cheeses, fresh and shelf stable milk.

Hurionia Centurion Veronica 20J, the famous show cow. In 2003 she was sold for $85,000 at public auction. She is currently residing as the 2006 World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion. She has also been named the All-American Grand Champion Jersey.