Farmers’ Market

We are vendors at the two best Madison Farmer’s Markets on Saturdays:
Dane County (Main Street in front of Brocach Irish Pub)  and The Westside Community market.

Look for our farm sign & banner and introduce yourself!

Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Veal & Lamb. You may get all of our meat cuts (all frozen) at any of our markets. All of our fresh sausages have NO MSG OR NITRITES, and use all non-irradiated spices! We now offer a NO NITRITE ADDED BACON WHICH IS CURED WITH CELERY POWDER SO IT IS CURED NATURALLY! We offer smoked and cured sausages as well (andouille, polish and liverwurst) but they do contain nitrites as they are cured. Also available – “clean” lard – great for baking and cooking.   We also offer frozen products – pasties, stocks, soups, ENTREES, pizzas, and pate – all ingredients farm raised!

All of beef, veal and lamb are grassfed and grass finished – no finishing on grain – taste the difference!!  Our pork, chicken and turkey are pasture based but do receive a grain ration which contains corn, oats and minerals.

Beef, pork, and chicken available throughout the year! Lamb and veal are seasonal. Frozen turkeys are still available, both halves & wholes.  Ready to heat and eat items, always available.

REMEMBER – THERE IS STILL A WINTER MARKET HELD EVERY SATURDAY AT THE SR. CENTER ON WEST MIFFLIN, DOWNTOWN MADISON. 8am to noon and there is a breakfast served (by volunteers and area chefs) for a nomimal cost using vendor products. WE WILL BE THERE EVERY SATURDAY (UNLIKE PREVIOUS YEARS) EXCEPT FEB 9TH! SEE YOU THERE!

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Thanks to all who support us at the farmers’ markets – Westside Community Market (Hill Farms) and the Dane County Farmers’ Market on the square. We certainly appreciate all of the encouraging words and the awesome recipes that we get!

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