Pasture Raised Chicken & Turkeys


Our broilers chickens (King Koshers) are free-range and pasture-raised. We strongly believe this to be the best way to keep our birds healthy and happy, as well as providing the best quality food for your table. It takes about 9 -10 weeks to raise them to 4# birds – the meat is richer and firmer than the regular cornish rock cross breed which also has many health issues, we have found.

We offer them as wholes, halves, leg/thigh combo, just legs, breasts, wings, necks, feet, gizzards,and heart/liver packs. We will also be offering ground, brats and stack sticks starting this outdoor market season!

Please refer to our current price list.

Turkeys (in the background)

We offer broadbreasted white turkeys(sorry we no longer raise heritage breeds for a few reasons – they fly, they take a much longer time to raise, and they cost way more for our customer) and are hoping to have them available year round. Our first batch will be ready in August. For Thanksgiving, they will be ready a few weeks prior (frozen) and fresh the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving. We are planning on having some available for Christmas as well. We try to raise them between 10-20# but it all depends on the weather and the birds themselves – we try to get you the size you want!!   WE ARE NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR FRESH TURKEYS FOR THANKSGIVING…PLEASE EMAIL! We have frozen wholes and halves right now as well!

Ordering Poultry

For more information about ordering poultry, visit our Ordering Page.
Also, feel free to email us at any time with questions!