Where can you find our products during the winter?

Our customers often ask us “where can I get your products when the outdoor market is over?”   Many people still do not realize that there is a winter market (so the market goes year round).  Nov-Dec it is held at the Monona Terrace, downtown Madison.  Jan- April it is held at the Sr. Center where there is also a market breakfast in which all items come exclusively from the farmers themselves.  We understand that some of you don’t want to go downtown, or pay for parking or don’t enjoy the environment, so don’t worry!!  You can find most of our products at Metcalfe’s, both Hilldale and West Side, Hy-Vee (just soups right now), Miller & Sons (Verona – soups and pasties) and now at Jenifer Street Market (meats, soups and pasties).  We have also created a meat CSA (community supported agriculture) and currently have 2 drop off sites.  (See Our CSA page for more info).  We are truly thankful for these grocery stores to be supporting local food and farmers and hope that these sites make it easier for you to get our products during the winter months!


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