Winter at Jordandal Farms

The cold weather has arrived and we have all of our fall chores complete – compost spread to needed pastures, sheep sheared, milking cows dried up, beef cows still grazing but in wooded areas for shelter, hogs secured in their hoop houses and freezers full of meats to carry us through the winter. Although, we look forward to the res pit of winter, we also will start planning for the new year and look forward to the new green grass.

This week has been spent in the kitchen coming up with new recipes for frozen entrees – we areĀ  so excited about these and will let you know when they have hit the shelves! We currently produce 4 pastys, 5 soups and 2 stocks. You can cook the pasties frozen and you can microwave the soups in their containers so perfect for taking to work!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the winter market where we will have beef, pork, chicken, lamb, soups, stocks and pasties! And as always, thanks for supporting local food!!


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